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To build my business and to start exercising more!

Getting healthy, doing more painting and get some exercises with our girls!

Maintain an better exercise habit.  Scout is already helping with that. I recently had an echocardiogram stress test, and the doctor was impressed that as a middle-aged, overweight woman, I showed zero signs of vascular blockage and had a high tolerance for exercise.  That comes from trying to walk Scout a mile or further at least 3 times a week.
WOW! Good for you. It is a scientific fact that dogs keep us young. Keep going and you'll be in a bikini by Summer. LOL At least healthier.

Definitely to get back into better eating and exercise habits.  I was doing sooooo good last October/November but I am a "stress eater" and school/life got to me.  I probably gained back half of what I worked so hard to lose.  OK, a better resolution is to stop being a stress eater :) 


Oh, and to finally keep a New Year's Resolution.  LOL.

Stress is easily cured with laughter. Laugh ... and stress melts away. You and I laughed plenty about our students writing habits, remember those funny papers when you get stressed...OR laugh about DKMJ, when you get stressed...OR laugh about where we were and where we are now. Success takes away stress, too. Love you!

ROFLMAO - Thanks.  I really had a huge smile on my face...escpecially wiht the DKMJ, only because you and I really came up with that.  Remember?  I had no creativity until I met you :)


OMG - the students never go away.  I just heard from a fellow professor who is still working on plagiarism cases from last term.  So sad.  Perhaps we should recommend them to DKMJ.  After all she knows ALL about plagiarism. 

I thought that would make you laugh. LOL

The Queen of Plagiarism/Slander/Stalking/Stealing/Lying/Nasty...pick one. LOL

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