Many of our newer members are still searching for their "perfect" Oodle Dog.


Those who have already found their Furry Family Member can help.


Let's talk about what you are looking for and see if other's can't point you in the right direction.


NEW MEMBERS - Post your location and what you are looking for (puppy, older dog, male, female, etc.) If you have questions or need some advice, ask that too.


OLD MEMBERS - Reply to the newer members with some suggestions.



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I just wanted to quickly comment on the "upside" of having plenty of exercise.  That is great.  My experience with my 3 is that they need regular exercise.  These are not couch potato dogs.  That's not to say they are balls of endless energy, but they do need regular exercise.  I walk at least once a day for 45 min to an hour, walks have been a little shorter now that the winter is here but I make up for some time by playing fetch in the backyard - that way when they get cold or have big enough snowballs on their feet, and have had enough, we can go inside.  If I skip a walk, or don't give them play time outside, they will busy themselves running around the house. 

I found my doodle.  It is a labradoodle  instead of a golden doodle but she is wonderful. Thanks for the help and referral.
Can anyone say AAAAWWWWWHHHHH? Adorable and Congratulations! Start a blog and tell us all about her.

She looks so very very sweet.  What is her name?

Please tell us all how you got her.   

She is beautiful. She was a recommendation of a friend of mine, Harriet. I forgot to ask her name, too.
What a beauty!  Yes, please share her story and MORE photos!
Her name is Sydney. Taylor, my golden and Sidney get along so well. He is very selfish with his toys but Saturday night he opened the closet where his basket of toys are, got one out, took it to Syndey and dropped it in front of her.  I knew he had accepted her as part of the family.  She is such a happy dog.  Wags her tail all the time. She loves to be where I am. But she lays quitely where she can watch me. She is such a delight!

Please, please share... She is so gorgeous! How old is she? How did you get her?

We do have a Golden too, Gamine is now 4 years old. When our Thalie came here she took her under her.. paws and trained her to be housebroken and show her how to behave nicely. They are inseparable now!

I finally got my doodle yesterday.  I have been looking since November.  I subscribed to ebay classifieds and they let me know - sometimes - when a poodle and or goldendoodle or labradoodle was listed.  I also checked the listings on my own almost everyday.  Finally I saw Taylor.  He is an 8 1/2 month Labradoodle who was given up by his family because the wife went back to work.  So I consider him a re-home/pre-rescue.  I called on Friday and traveled from Long Island to Connecticut early the next morning (Sat), so that I (think) was the first to see him and took him home with me.  Very sweet dog and we are all getting adjusted.  So I would say that if you see a doodle out there-don't wait.

Good luck to everybody in your search!

That's wonderful, Harriet. both of you. Start a blog and tell his story and of course, we want to see pictures. How exciting!

Congrats Harriet!   What is his name?  What "type" of doodle is he?  Is that him in your profile pic?  Details, details....


Please share his story in a blog and, of course, share lots of photos. 


Congratulation to you and your new boy!Now please post some pics so we all can see his sweet face, his colour and size and how gorgeous he certainly is.

Taylor you are a very very lucky boy! Now your job is to love, being loved and give tons of kisses to all members of your new family!

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