Many of our newer members are still searching for their "perfect" Oodle Dog.


Those who have already found their Furry Family Member can help.


Let's talk about what you are looking for and see if other's can't point you in the right direction.


NEW MEMBERS - Post your location and what you are looking for (puppy, older dog, male, female, etc.) If you have questions or need some advice, ask that too.


OLD MEMBERS - Reply to the newer members with some suggestions.



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Judy wrote:

I'm looking for a youngish doodle (Goldendoodle or labradoodle) I'm don't care about the sex but I live in Manhattan in an apartment so I'm looking for a doodle on the small side.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.



My Answer:

Judy, you need to go through the listings and fill out applications. You should also go by Manhattan Acct as there have been many beautiful Oodles in there in the past few months.

Mini-doodles are very hard to find in rescue and doodles in general are not ideal apartment dogs. Even the little ones are very high energy and you might be hard pressed to find many rescues who will even adopt to apartment dwellers anywhere, let alone in Manhattan.

We had one in the Brooklyn shelter not too long ago and Long Island shelters see them once in awhile. But these dogs are not good apartment dogs unless you get them from tiny pups and they know no better. In that case, you would need to find a breeder as we really don't see pups very often in rescue.

Some things you might think about and do some more research. I would go by Acct and fill out an app. That way they will call you as soon as something comes in. Please do not discount poodles and poodle mixes. If the hair is allowed to grow out, you cannot tell the difference.


Let me know if I can help further.


Anyone have any other suggestions?

Hi.  I'm not looking quite yet, but will be in the future.  So, I wanted to do a quick intro.  I am in Bethlehem, PA and would like a young or puppy golden or labradoodle.  We have a 14 year old lab mix with cancer.  We don't know how much longer he will be with us.

We will need a puppy that is very well socialized with kids and other dogs - we have a lake cabin in a very busy community.  On the upside, the dog will have plenty of friends and exercise!!!!

Colleen, I understand your beginning your search and I commend you for doing your research early. Too many people get a dog/puppy as an impulse buy. Being prepared and understanding the needs of the breed and your needs will assure a better match.

My thoughts are that most puppies are not born well socialized but are taught that. Unless you are getting an older puppy, most will be blank slates that you would train and nurture to be what you need him to be. These Oodles are very intelligent creatures and learn quickly if taught with patience and love.
I'd love a puppy, but I know that is hard when getting a rescue.  Would like to rescue rather than buy from a breeder if possible.  I had poodles growing up (standard and toy), as well as my lab mix for the last 14 years, so I am used to both breeds.  I will miss my lab dearly, but can't imagine my life without dogs in it (we also have a 7 year old shih-tzu).

Our background "dog-owner history":
In April 2007 we bought ($$$$) a beautiful, female, labradoodle puppy from a reputable Maine breeder. Sadie  died in July, 2009 from AIHA (it was horrible), and only recently are we able to consider getting another dog.  My husband and I decided when the time came, we would get a rescue dog.  
Also, in 1979, we got a young male dog (not sure how old) mixed breed (maybe shepard&border
collie) from the Lowell Humane Society in Lowell, MA. "Bark" was a great family pet, and lived a long healthy life. A few years after he passed, we took in a young adult rat terrier that was found on the side of a highway. A coworker volunteered at an Animal hospital, and urged us to take him in. "Chilly" had a lot of separation-anxiety issues (can you blame him!) and even started "nipping".
We turned him over to the local animal officer, and he went on to be placed in three additional
homes...., he needed someone to be with him 24/7, and ended up with a single, retired woman.
PLEASE NOTE, our new dog has to be HYPOALLERGENIC, as I am now allergic to dogs....that is why we got the labradoodle, and the breeder guaranteed that, along with hip dysplasia. 
We prefer a puppy or young, medium doodle, and the more background (health, etc) info you can give us, the better. We don't want to go through such a tragedy. My husband prefers a male, but, that's not written in stone. Sadie was a female, and she was the most perfect companion.
He thinks males have less health problems? (Sadie had a recessed vulva)
Thank you helping us search for our next family member!
Donna & John Parker
I am looking for a small goldendoodle 35 lbs or less. I would like to have an adult 1-3 yrs so I will know the adult size, the type of coat (prefer wavey not curly) and the personallity. I do not care about gender. I do want a dog that loves people because I plan to have the dog certified through the Delta Society as a therapy dog. I teach obedience classes through our local obedience club and would eventually use the dog as a demo in the classes. I now have a Golden Retriever who is 10 + yrs and will be retiring before much longer. I appreciate any help you might give me.  My email is
Hi, John. I am so sorry about Sadie. I know your family must have been devastated. Two questions before I think about how to help. One, did you contact Sadie's breeder when she became ill and if so, what did she say or do? And two, where are you located. In, Mass.?

Margaret, where are you located?

You do understand that in rescue it is sometimes difficult to know the personality of the dog until you met him or her and after a few weeks where she feels safe and loved. Unless you get one from a rescue where he has been living with a foster who may be able to access him, from a shelter it will be next to impossible to know his personality. 

I live in North Central Texas, about 125 miles northwest of Dallas and 125 miles south of Oklahoma City.
Colleen, You should keep an eye on your local PA rescues. Your state has many puppymills and Oodle Dogs have been a favorite of PA breeders for years. Your local rescues will get pups from time to time. Your best bet is to put in many apps for dogs around your area and as soon as you are approved and a dog comes available, you will be called even before the dogs are listed on Petfinder. We have gotten many dogs from PA in the past few years and you are in a good place to find a pup in PA.
Margaret, Have you gone through the Midwest Listings? There are many beautiful dogs in your region. If you see a few you might like, fill out apps on them. The more apps you have out there, the better your chances. Even if you are not chosen for a particular dog, once your app is approved many rescues and shelters will call their approved apps before the dog is listed on Petfinder. That would increase your chances. Be proactive and keep at it. When it is right, it will happen.
Thank you for the advice.  I will look and fill out apps.

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