We just left Dr. Stone's Vet office & I was a gentleman. Without being ask to, I knew to sit for attention beside my foster Mom, "Just Chill'n". That really impressed Dr. Stone. I was her first Golden Doodle and she loved my coat. I sat for the Bordatella & rested my head against, Dr. Stone - she smelled good - Plus I got brownie points with her for that sweet move & I did not sneeze out the medicine. Now for the best part, I, Max was good when the next patient came in It was a Pug-Yorkie mix who was 5 feet from me. Mom was prepared & had a bag treats. We practiced exactly what Lisa Waggoner taught us at Cold Nose College & Lisa was right... My desire for the treats was more than my curiosity about the little dog... Guess I aced that test! We go to Knoxville about 3pm to get on the Alpha Dog Transport. My new family will pick me up early tomorrow morning. Got to go now, because Mom thinks that I need to get in some exercise, so I will be ready to sleep during the ride up north. Will let you know how the new family smells & if they have good things to eat. Love & Licks, me,Max

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That's such a sweet post. I hope Max's new family will keep us posted.
John Cullen has become a new member & has already posted photos of Max. Our hearts are full and overflowing - What a great match ! Please see his entries. Txs, mj&cokie

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