Last night a terrible hate speak was posted on facebook regarding this wonderful site and its webmaster.  A line in the sand was crossed to show the sheer hatefulness of two other collaborative rescue sites efforting to make Oodles look like a bizarre, unprofessional, and mean spirited site.


Those of us who have watched this formation of Oodles, who have eagerly participated,  many other rescues who take posted dogs from here to their own site all in hope of  cooperatively placing Oods all know this is a special kind of rackeetering...and more, from where it eminates and why.


This site has made a concerted effort to maintain its professional status and has not lowered itself to the demons among Rescue...that seen on facebook last night.  Nor will it.  Fifty years I have been in rescue work.  That is a long, long time.  And never have I seen or felt the ill wind of such

an underworld in Rescue as I saw on facebook last night.  The Myth of Rescue is that they are all "good".  They are not all good. I saw that clearly as did others from the partiality and untruth sent out as factual data, intended to shed doubt on both intention and devotion.  This behavior is no longer acceptable to me. I have less time ahead in my rescue life than ever before, to allow this

to occur now, in this century, at this time when more dogs are in rescue and needing good homes

is utterly outrageous, unacceptable. and cannot be tolerated.  


There are many options we can follow to put bad rescue people in the bright light of day. We could show the language used when people they don't like say things they don't like. We could show the vile diatribe that has been posted and deleted by webmasters on many forums, we could show the emails of intent to bribe, to use fraud, to libel, to slander; we could show the theft of intellectual property for their own gain,  we could show forums where their Board members and followers are no longer allowed to post.  Each of us as single rescues must decide how to deal with whom we report and when.  I for one am going forward now with new zeal.


As we now separate the wheat from the chafe we must stand together to show the best of us will no longer accept the worst of us. We have important work to do, needful work, collaborative work. The time for hate is now done and each of us must take our own lead to put to sleep the "gangland" mentality shown in last night's post. with regard to this so special site and its loving and dedicated webmaster.  I know where I am going and I know what the outcome will be.  It cannot come soon enough for me.  Lynne, on behalf of worlds of wonderful rescue organizations do not turn the other cheek, face what has been placed before you as a way to put these bad, bad organizations made of bad, bad people,  out of our world. I will, and I know many others will, help you. 


 As for me, my attorney would have been at the door of Ms. ....this morning, thereafter at Ms. ........ I've told them before and I will tell them again here, in a public way. They have chosen the wrong person to deal with and moreso because I have many friends and supporters throughout the world who know me and know my resputation for honesty and intent...for me, and for my friends like you who do the same for dogs needing rescue.  Soon  I will show them why.   



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Judy, and those who know me, I know some of what has been going on is very hard to understand. My belief is that one bitter woman is behind all the grief, we have dealt with for the past seven months. Those of you who know the entire story, know this to be true and to those who do not know the entire story, frankly, it is not important.

One person's petty vendetta will not change who I am and we should not allow her to change what this website has become, either. When I started this site, I was very proud of the work we were doing, but over the course of the year, I was losing that pride.

Since that person and her cronies were kicked off and we began to rebuild, I have come to be very proud, again. Instead of being under the thumb of a dictator, we are now a real collective. Instead of one person making all the decisions, now we talk things out. Instead of people being bullied, bossed and berated, this site is a warm and friendly place again.

Ignoring their slander and lies does not mean I have turned the other cheek. It means that I CHOOSE not to be like her. Not going back at her means that I refuse to lower myself or this site to her level. Yes, I do have a harassment suit. Yes, I could file it but then I have to waste my time and my family's time and my student's time and my family's money, on her. I won't give her any more than she has already taken from me. In my mind, every time she continues this vendetta with a new assault, she makes herself look more pathetic and more ridiculous.

I won't play like her. Life is too short to worry about ignorant people.

I know many of you want me to go after her and I hope you can understand why I won't. She cannot push me to be less than who I am. Those who know me, know the truth. Those who don't and believe her, it's their problem not mine. I don't need to be part of the center of the world, in with the popular girls or one of the mean girls anymore...I grew up a long time ago. She has said she has legal actions against me, as I have not received one of them yet, I won't waste time worrying about them. When/if I ever see it, I have all the proof I need.

Until then and in spite of her, we move on and we move up. That's our karma. Her's? Not our problem.

I love you to pieces, Judy, Deb, Jeannine, Susan, Sue, Krista and our newest comrade, Eliz. And all those who stayed and all the people who have found their Oodles right here on this site and all those who will, what we are doing is good and important. I won't allow her or her puppets to taint it.

Love, Lynne
I hear you Lynne, and most all of the honest rescues I know in the field recognize what has been going on. E-mails are flying today with what happened last night with their latest adventure. Personally, at a level that strikes deep in my own heart, I cannot stand by and allow it to go on anymore. They don't scare me, and they are not particularly we could see on fb last night. You are only the latest and longest of their intent for revenge. Remember what happened to my good name? Well, the name they choose to give me? The new name they found endearing enough to place all over the internet? You just keep doing what you do best, and I'll take care of their criminal underbelly. Stay tuned, but keep on chuggin, you are and show love on a constant basis. I will proceed with what should have occured well over a year ago. Judy
Lynne - a wonderful response, clearly from a person with integrity. This group of people is nothing more than a bunch of cyber-bullies, and sore losers, who have gone to great lengths to try to hurt you and RRC. I applaud you for not stooping to their level - again, a person of integrity knows that is not the way.

The actions of a person speak volumes. Most people will not take seriously the person who relentlessly, viciously, and publicly attacks another person. In fact, each time the person slanders, libels, and defames character of another, that person also reduces his/her credibility and the credibility of their organization and friends (cronies). In this case, I am starting to wonder if these people care about their own credibility and character. Perhaps not the sharpest tool in the shed? I don't know - I truly do have a hard time understanding this constant harassment.

Right now, I am happy, in fact proud, to be associated with you, Lynne, and the RRC and not the "other" group. For me, the other group just does not have the qualities and characteristics of people that I would want to be associated with, virtually or personally.
Kudos to you, Dr. Judy.
Judy, I completely understand what you are saying but don't for a minute think I am afraid of them at all. If I were, I would have closed this site and faded into obscurity. Instead, with the love of some very good and real friends, we are enjoying success. That is a much better revenge than going down the path they chose. What they called you and what they call me shows who and what they really are.
Thank you, Sue. YOU are a big part of why I go ahead, ignore their slander and keep going. I appreciate our talks, I value your counsel and friendship.

All of it still astounds me. I have never in my life met such sad and sorry people. I just wish I saw it before I devoted so much time and money to them.

In the larger scheme of things, they will destroy themselves with their negativity. You can't have that much anger in you without it taking it's toll somewhere and in someway. I will never live like that or allow anyone to push me into it.
I'm sorry I was not here to support you before but you know you have my support and love.

Judy, you're one of the kindness person I know and I thank you to be so honest and to freely express your thoughts. I cannot express myself as beautifully as you but in my heart you can see the same feeling and care.

Some people love to ruin their own lives and others because of anger, bitterness and jealousy. They do not deserve at all our attention. One day, they will collect what they sow.

We, here at the RRC, are very proud to be part of this organization and of it integrity and the honesty and sincerity of it founder. We are a Collective and our goal is to save doodles/oodles not to destroy other human being and by doing that take away chances for saving more dogs.

Susan, Deb, Sue, Krista, Judy, myself and many more are all behind you Lynne and we do trust and love you very much.
Judy, thank you for your defense of Lynne and our group. I am proud to count all of you as dear friends! The trashing continues today on FB and the spiteful people should be stopped from casting such horrendous claims about like they are truths, but we know very well they are not. They are hoping that others will blindly believe them as they have in the past. Lynne is the best and kindest person that I can imagine and for her to be accused of such things is as bad as myself being accused of animal abuse by the same group. They will stop at nothing to destroy RRC, and despise the success this site is seeing. We are all standing together united and they can NOT break that bond!
Yup...and there are loads of people who won't post for fear of recrimination as many of us have had, but are in total agreement with the cause. Lynne has come out of this whole. In that other place is just a deep, dark hole if you know what I mean.
I have received many notes and calls of encouragement and appreciate all the support. We just have to keep our hearts and minds straight and not allow them to bring us down with them or down to their level. You all, who have come forward and are standing with me, are the reason why I keep going. Thank you!

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