Thought I would post this recipe for those interested in making their own sweet potato chews instead of paying $12-$14/bag. I think that is outragous and am trying these out now!

Sweet Potato Dog Treat Chews


1 Large Sweet Potato, washed & dried


8. Preheat oven to 250° F

9. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

10.Cut off one side of the sweet potato lengthwise, as close to the edge as possible.

Cutting the side of the potato first allows you to then turn the potato onto this flat

surface that you have just created. Having a stable area to rest the potato will

make it easier to cut the potato into slices. Don't discard that first piece, it comes

out just as yummy as the rest!

11.Cut the rest of the potato into 1/3" slices, no smaller than 1/4".

12.Place them on the prepared baking sheet.

13.Bake for 3 hours, turning half way through.

14.Cool completely on a wire rack.

sweet potato dog chew

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Sorry, it looks like the numbering is off on this recipe, but this is the complete recipe. Very simple!

I also posted in the food topic group!

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