Standard Schnauzer Facts


AKA:  Mittelschnauzer

Size:  Medium

Ease of training:  High

Grooming:  Medium/High

Shedding:  Low

Exercise needed:  Daily walks

Energy level:  Medium/High

Protection:  Makes an effective watchdog

Good with children:  Yes, when brought up with them




Active, energetic, and playful, the Standard Schnauzer is an agile dog with plenty of spirit and enthusiasm. These reliable dogs can be sweet and gentle, but can also be serious. The Standard Schnauzer has a high level of intelligence, is responsive, and is eager to please, which makes training easy. However, the Schnauzer can be stubborn and hard headed, making them best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership.


The Standard Schnauzer needs a confident and assertive owner that knows how to use positive training methods. The Schnauzer is very in tune with the moods and emotions of his owner, and thrives on the attention and affection of family. Mental and physical stimulation is important for this breed.  You should also provide a safe and secure area for the Standard Schnauzer to exercise and play when not on a leash.


The Standard Schnauzer is a sensitive breed, and is known as an excellent problem solver. Gets along well with children, particularly when brought up with them, but tends to be stand offish around strangers.  Early socialization can help to promote a more confident and less suspicious personality.  Their loyalty and territorial instincts make them an effective watchdog, and also ideal as a family pet and companion. The Standard Schnauzer gets along well with household pets with early socialization, but can be aggressive with dogs of the same sex. These dogs are ideal for active families, and for confident, experienced owners.




The Standard Schnauzer is a medium sized dog with a powerful, sturdy build. He has a double coat, with a soft undercoat and a wiry outer coat. The coloring of the Standard Schnauzer is either black or salt and pepper. These dogs have an intelligent, if rather far away, expression, and sport a distinctive beard.


The height of the Standard Schnauzer is 17-19 inches for females and 18-20 inches for males. These dogs weigh in at around 40 pounds.




The Standard Schnauzer is quite a high maintenance dog, and may therefore prove a problem for those with little time to dedicate to grooming. You will need to brush the coat of this dog around twice weekly, and the beard must be cleaned on a daily basis for hygiene reasons. You may need to get the coat clipped every few months.  On the bright side, the Standard Schnauzer is
a low shedder, and could be suitable for those suffering from allergies.


Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Standard Schnauzer is around 12-14 years. There are a number of health problems to look out for, although by and large this is a relatively healthy breed. Some of the health issues that may affect the Standard Schnauzer include thyroid problems, cancer, HD, and cataracts. The parents of the Standard Schnauzer puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.


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