A big part of the Northeast is buried and much of the rest of the country, too. Post your snow pictures here:





























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Better you than me, GF! LOL.....it is a cold and windy 55 degrees today with a low tonight of 28 and we think that is killer!
You'd flip, here. Even I am amazed at all we got. My street still isn't plowed.

This is look like my winter growing up in the province of Quebec!!

Here we barely see some white spot and the temperature will come to a warm 50° F for the weekend.

I wish we had a bit of snow, not like there but a few inches to cover the grass and bright up the night. Enjoy!!

I just posted a video of my backyard. Enjoy!

BTW, I am still not dug out of my driveway.
Nice video! Beautiful white snow!!
Hol-ee Cow!  Sorry, but I'm glad it's you and not us.  Today we have a balmy 6C and tomorrow supposed to be 9C.  Um, it looks like the 6 pack doesn't mind all that snow :)
They are loving it. I'm not. It's way too much to shovel and move.
Wait for spring! It melt down fast!!LOL
Whoa.....that would be way to much snow for me! Living in Maine for a year was enough for me....I don't want to live anywhere with snow that isn't gone the next day!
It's going to be Spring before it does melt.
It's too much for me too. But the doods are loving it. My hardwood floors are taking a beating but hey, you only get 34" of snow once. (I hope)

wow - that's almost as tall as I am - just kidding.  I'm a good 2 feet taller than that!  It was in the sixties here today - after being in the twenties a few days ago.  Good old Arkansas...if you don't like the weather, stick around, it'll change in a day or two.

Are you able to get out at all?  At least you aren't having to go to work, but you were off anyway, weren't you?

Question for all you snowbunnies - how in the heck do you deal with the snow balls that get packed into the dogs' feet and stuff?  Drives my Setters nuts!

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