Here's a pic of our family tree. I just finished getting it all up and decorated. Let's see yours.


Post your holiday pictures here for all to enjoy.


Whether you decorate a Palm Tree in Florida or a Cactus in New Mexico, real or plastic, a tree is a symbol of the Season and a beautiful reminder of family. 


Add pictures of your doggies and family, too. 



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Here's one of the doggies stockings. No ... they are empty until Santa Paws comes on Christmas Eve.

Thought these where to cute not to share!


They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing Theresa. I love the guilty look. LOL

Duncan sings...... We Wish You a Merry Christmas!! We too wish all of you a warm and wonderful Holiday!

Only pic so far this year, sorry so fuzzy :)  Will try a redo, soon!



Here is Elf Marlow!

Lynne, these are just great!  Where on earth did you get them?  I must must must have them!

Fantastic photos Theresa.  What a beautiful doodle (not to mention the xmas tree).

This is too perfect!  OK, fess up, what did you promise Marlow in exchange for the perfect xmas poses?

LOL - you can come xmas carol on my doorstep anytime Duncan.

OK, I haven't done any xmas pics yet this year, but here's an oldie of Georgia (she's 6 months in the photo).




And here's what happened to that Santa hat afterwards...


I thought if I made it a bit smaller it wouldn't be so fuzzy but nope...still fuzzy. LOL

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