The new, second, Limited Edition Doodle Messenger cards are ready for ordering!
We at The Doodle Messenger realized that many fellow doodle-lovers would like to help the sick or injured doodles on our site. We tried to think of a way to make it easier for you to donate and help the doodles in need.  So we created a wonderful Limited Edition set of Doodle All Occasion cards and priced them so you can afford to buy several sets. All profits from the cards go directly to the doodles on the Doodle Messenger site.
The first set of cards we created sold out in 72 hours! We hope this second set will sell as well as the first, to help all our sick and needy doodles. Wouldn't they make great gifts? Let people know about your love of doodles! The cards would also be great for your own use - for notes to vets, groomers, trainers, teachers, or loved ones. There are only 100 sets of the Second Edition cards available, so hurry to order yours before they are gone!
Our judge selected ten BEAUTIFUL pictures ( and again, thanks to all who sent in photos - our judge said it was a hard decision!)...see the collage below. At the center is Coal, as we have all been so touched by his story and are still so hopeful that Coal, who has been lost since March, can be reunited with his family for a true Christmas Miracle.
The other pictures are such good choices too - who can resist Bob's butt? LOL! And don't you just love the doodle singing in the shower? They are all great!

We are offering the set of ten cards at the same price as before - $15.00 plus postage. We rushed to get this set ready in time for Christmas, but the cards are the same high quality as the first edition ... full-color, folded, 5x7, glossy, blank inside, and have the Doodle Messenger logo and website on the back. If you missed out on the first set, this is your chance ! Of course we hope we'll have some return buyers, as this is such a wonderful way to help all the doodles in need on the Doodle Messenger site. The cards will be mailed out next week.
Click here to go directly to Marlow's Pawporium @ http://www.marlowspawporium.com/ and place your credit card order.

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WooHoo! Just ordered mine! What a great cause.
Thank you for always being so supportive, Lynne!
Hope we get lots of responses so we can help more of our needy doodles!
Yay! I love that Coal is in the set. What a wonderful tribute. Love the ostrich, I mean doodle, in the sand. And who can resist that gorgeous doodle on the bottom left (wink wink). I am going to order my set right now.

Thanks again to Doodle Messenger. This is such a wonderful way to help doodles in need.
Wink, wink! We love them all.
I want to know who is singing in the shower! Does anyone know that dood?
I don't, but it's adorable.
Lynne was first again!!! She is so fast at ordering! :) Thanks to everyone here for helping out the sick doodles! Sales are good this time , too. If you haven't ordered, better do so fast!
Just found out that the dog in the shower is a young Mischa - Kate's dog. they were at a dog camp and Mischa wandered away, found the shower and was able to turn it on!
Mischa is priceless! That was a funny story. What about the doodle with the head in the sand, who is that? That one makes me chuckle every time. So much like my curious girls who, if they lived on a beach, would likely put their heads in the sand.
That's the fabulous Bob, who lives with Catherine and Chris in NJ. He has a great story...poor Bob spent his entire puppyhood in casts...poor Catherine...I should let her tell the story. He finally had a toe amputated and since he recovered has been the happiest doodle.
Awh, poor Bob...now Happy Bob. I would love to hear that story.

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