Miniature Schnauzer Facts


Size: Small

Ease of training:  High

Grooming:  High

Shedding:  Low

Exercise needed:  Daily running and walking

Energy level:  Medium/High

Protection:  High, makes an effective watchdog

Good with children:  Yes when raised with them



The Miniature Schnauzer is a small and very popular dog breed. Loyal, devoted, and affectionate, the Miniature Schnauzer is an excellent choice of a companion dog or family pet, and is suited to both inexperienced and experienced dog owners. The Miniature Schnauzer is a friendly and sociable dog with a pleasant disposition.  This breed can bark a lot and will raise the
alarm if something is amiss, making effective watchdogs.  Intelligent and quick to learn, the Miniature Schnauzer is easy to train and is very good at obedience training. These versatile dogs are usually eager to please their owner, but can be a little stubborn and headstrong at times.


The Miniature Schnauzer is a dog that likes to give and receive love and affection, and is not suited to individuals or families with little time to devote to a pet. They have plenty of energy, and enjoy exercise and joining in with family activities. The Miniature Schnauzer will get along with children when brought up with them, and also gets along with other pets. The Miniature Schnauzer's attitude to strangers can vary depending on personality - some may be very welcoming and others may be aloof or timid. As with many other dog breeds, early socialization will help to develop a stable and confident attitude.




The Miniature Schnauzer has a distinctive appearance, with a sturdy and square build.  The coat is harsh and wirey, and the dog has a facial beard and bushy eyebrows. The coloring of the coat can be salt and pepper, black with silver, or solid black.


The weight of the Miniature Schnauzer is around 13-19 pounds, and the height is around 12-14 inches.




When it comes to grooming you will need to put some work in to keep the Miniature Schnauzer's coat in good condition. You should clean the beard on a daily basis for hygiene reasons and ensure that the hair around his bottom is kept trimmed. Brush the coat several times a week. This breed is a low shedder when groomed properly, and is therefore well suited to allergy sufferers.


Health Problems and Life Expectancy


The life expectancy of the Miniature Schnauzer is around 12-14 years. The breed has a number of health problems and disorders linked to it, and this includes: vWD, liver problems, cataracts, thyroid problems, inflammation of the pancreas, epilepsy, allergies, and skin problems. The parents of the Miniature Schnauzer puppy should have CERF certificates.

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