Our Doodle community has been so generous in the past - all you have to do is check out pictures of Hurley's fluffy cyst-free head, or picture Riley finally being able to walk and run like a doodle.
Now we have two new needy doggies.

BELLA is a spunky 4 year old goldendoodle battling cancer, and her family has already gone through many fund-raising efforts. Unfortunately they need more help.
""Bella has completed 9 out of 16 chemotherapy treatments (the 10th treatment will be on 3/8/13). The treatments are working on the cancer cells, but they are also destroying her healthy cells. We are doing our best to keep the side effects at a minimum. Despite that, Bella still has many days of playfulness and spunk. She continues to wag her tail when she sees us and that alone is a reminder to me that she is still fighting and not ready to give up in her battle against this awful cancer. We love her with all our hearts. She is only 4 years old and we are not ready to give up on her. She has a lot more life to live and lots more love to give!
Any help you can provide for our sweet girl will certainly be greatly appreciated."

Please read sweet Bella's story here:


MAX is a service animal: a sweet labradoodle who is also battling Lung Cancer; he has bronchoalueolar carcinoma. It seems very sad that a service animal, who helps his partner Michelle in so many ways, should be so sick. Michelle says:
“Max means everything to me. I could not function well at work or home without him. He can quite literally pick anything up. He can pull off clothes (socks, pants etcetera). It is not an exaggeration to say when the pain of muscle spasms & spasticity gets really bad; my will to persevere is tied to him. I'm aware that I need to keep going for him; he needs to eat and go out.
He steadies me when walking. He improves my social life through contact with others, especially if they are afraid to talk to me. There’s really no aspect of my life he doesn't improve.”

You can read Max's whole story here:


There is a donate link on each story (thank you, Lynne Fowler of Ooodles of Doodles for making it easy to donate through PayPal) ...please give what you can!

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So sad. I hope our members help out these two beautiful doodles.

Thank you, Lynne. You know, maybe people don't realize that even a FEW dollars will make a difference...

I agree and hope they will. I will do a newsletter this weekend and link to this discussion.

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