My last order of Diatomaceous Earth (food grade!!!!) was from 

Earthworks Health in Norfolk, NE. www.earthworkshealth.com

I’ve ordered from several different vendors in the past but I found I liked the selection here. I have purchased locally twice the 2.5 lb gal jugs from another vendor at $16 per jug. These jugs are huge! Ordering online from EarthWorks, I don’t pay state tax (almost 10% here!) but I do pay shipping. 

My last order in April was as follows:
DE-4-2.5-JUGS 4 jugs of the 2.5 lbs size $23 already I’ve saved money!
DE-DOG-TREATS Dog treats w/DE about 20 bone sized treats for $10
Note: Addition of this product does NOT add enough weight to increase shipping cost
Total order: $33 plus $15.46 shipping

Arrives quickly.

I have bought a “cheese shaker: - Like a salt shaker except bulbous – glass with metal top with big holes in it for product to shake out. I filled it with DE about 2/3, then some Solid Gold Seameal (I already had on hand) and then some NaturVet Enzymes and Probiotics /digestive Tract Aid. About equal amounts of each. Why did I do this? I already had the products on hand and was adding them indiscriminately whenever I thought about it. This way, all 3 products are mixed together and should shake out in somewhat relatively equal amounts. (Be sure to hold your hand over the hold and shake well before shaking into the dog bowl.)

I give it to all my dogs – the same amount each, as I cannot monitor who eats out of what bowl – they go back and forth. I shake out about ½ tsp to 1 tsp for my dogs for their breaksfast meal. I may add a little warm water if I am feeding dry, but I always feed wet due to age of teeth of my dogs (all rescues). Then I put the food, wet or dry , on top and stir a little. I have found they are more likely to eat it when placed at the bottom where all the regular food drips down and they don’t really notice it. If they leave it in bowl, they tend to come back later as there is still some flavor of the regular food on the mixture.
Do this daily. If you have white dogs with eye stains, then I add a small amount of Angel Eyes on top of it all. I add it to all bowls, again because they move from bowl to bowl. And believe you me, it works! Eye stains disappear if given every day. I probably don’t give the recommended amount as it is so expensive (but it lasts a long time as you give only a small amount), but it still works, just may take a few days longer to clean out the eye ducts. And yes, some of the non-white dogs get it too, you just can’t see the eye gunk as easily as you can on white dogs.

There is NO WAY I could use all 4 jugs in a year or two, so I “gift” them to friends with dogs and woodsy environments. Sprinkle the DE around all doors and entrances, windows, etc. to your house, in your car’s carpet if you have found bugs there. I have even sprinkled some on my mattress. I don’t have bedbugs but DE will kill bedbugs too (or any fleas that jump off). Periodically, I powder down all my dogs on the outside with DE (PURE DE, not the mixture I listed above!) . It’s like sprinkling on baby power. I’ve even sprinkled on the carpet inside. Sounds like I have a huge infestation of bugs, ticks, fleas, and bed bugs, but I just take precautions!

Hope this helps!


DOODLE ZOO ROMP SUGGESTION! Buy 2 or 3 of the 4 jug shipments and divvy it up into ziplock bags or Rubbermaid containers (the Cheaper ones!) and sell for $10 or so. You could make a nice profit on these bags! Alternatively, give the bags out at a Doodle birthday party as a party favor with instructions far simpler than I have given here! Ha!

Now, for the DE Bone Treats: This was a test – I had not tried them before. There are about 20 in a box for $10. Packed well, so they didn’t break up. In the shape of a 2 inch bone cookie, they have the DE, wheat flour, rolled oatmeal, peanut butter, vegetable oil, honey, and then vitamins and minerals. You can read the whole list online. 

Since my dogs are under 20 lbs, except for one, I have found that I can give one or two for all dogs and they are happy. These are usually an afternoon treat for mine. The bones are somewhat hollow, so they aren’t that difficult for my 15 yo Cocker with no front teeth. Being hollow allows me to easily break up into smaller pieces to share with all dogs. That’s how I can get away with only one bone, but I may occasionally give them two to share. None of my dogs can eat those solid bones (the treats sold in grocery stores, so making these DE bones somewhat hollow was ingenuous in my opinion.

BTW, you can eat DE too. Pour some into a glass of tea or water, stir well (it will not dissolve), and then drink it – quickly. It tastes chalky, kinda like the stuff the doc asks you to take before a colonoscopy! You have all sorts of parasites in your body and this will kill those bad parasites.

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Emilie M Bottiggi
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I just ordered some, so if anyone else tries this, let's share our experiences! I ordered mine from Amazon and paid $17.99 for 3lb jug with free shipping if you are a Amazon Prime member. (It is food grade,too.) Also going to try angel eyes for Marlow and see if it will clean up his beard.

Thanks, Susan. I have been using it for a few months now and this is really the first year, I have not seen any ticks, at all. Between the DE and the Cedarcide, I am very happy.


I think I read peroxide is also good for the beard and eye stains. I guess with Miss Sloan, you won't have that problem. 

LOL...that is why I wanted a chocolate color dog! At least she doesn't show dirt like Mr. Velcro...it all sticks to him!

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