Bubbles desperately needs your help. This precious Goldendoodle puppy has an ectopic ureter, which causes her to leak urine constantly. Because of this congenital condition, her breeder dumped Bubbles onto rescue, and was upset that she 'couldn't sell her for $500.' Information about ectopic ureters can be seen at this website: http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body_ectopic_ureters.html
Bubbles condition can be corrected surgically, but it will cost $2000-$2200 for the procedure. Puppies with ectopic ureters often have urinary tract infections, and Bubbles is no exception. Bubbles has been on antibiotics for a month, and must be cleaned twice a day to help prevent further infections and to keep her skin from scalding. The only hope Bubbles has for a normal life is the surgery. Bubbles needs your help, becuase I cannot take on any more debt and my rescue credit card is maxxed out. Please help this sweet puppy. In a just world, her breeder, who profitted mightily from the 'sale' of Bubble's siblings, would pay for the surgery. I regret that I even have to ask the public for help, but it is the only option. It isn't Bubble's fault that she was born with this condition, and the surgery would allow her to live a long and healthy life. Donations for the surgery can be made directly to the veterinarian's office: (Please mark the check with 'For Bubbles' or include a short note 'for Bubbles'

5520 N. Nevada Avenue Suite #110
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone: (719) 272-4004

Dr. Chris McReynolds will be performing the surgery if enough money is raised. If enough money is not raised, your donation will be returned or refunded.
Donations can also be made through paypal. Again, please designate: 'For Bubbles' The rescue paypal id is the email address: rescuerehab@earthlink.net

Those who donate will receive updates on the amount of money raised, then surgery, and her recovery after surgery.

$500-$600 of the total amount is for the 'scoping' to confirm Bubble's condition. She will then go immediately into surgery, which will cost $1500-$1600. Bubbles will be available for adoption after the surgery, but there is a 50 % chance that she will always be slightly incontinent. Compared to her current condition, that is manageable. As it is now, Bubbles is constantly in danger of developing a serious infection. She arrived with an infection from the breeders, which is being treated. A big 'Thank you' to the wonderful Jennifer Black in Missouri who saved Bubbles life.

This pet is up to date with routine shots.

The Last Resort Small Dog Rescue
Cotopaxi, CO
(719) 942-3738

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She's beautiful! Maybe we should start another "Sophie's Fund" request. Do they have a PayPal Account set up to take donations? Let's Go!!!!
Gail posted it on Doodle World, too. Thanks, Gail!
Thank you all so much for the support with Bubbles. She is a precious girl and absolutely delightful.
So far, $190 has been raised. She has also been posted on the Best Friends groups as well. Any crossposting is appreciated, since I have very slow dial-up :-)
Again, my thanks and I will keep you updated.
The fund is now up to $290. Thank you all so much for the crossposting!
Thanks for setting up the Paypal account! Just sent in a little something from Oski & me :)
Thank you all so much. It is heartwarming to see how many caring people are out there. The fund grew during the night, and is now up to $645. 1/3 of the way there!
Photo is of Bubble's playing after her "bath" .
The fund is now at $690! Thank you all!
Please continue to crosspost--it is working!
Bubble's Fund is now $950--we are halfway there! Thanks so much everyone.
Halfway there! Thanks so much everyone for your generosity. Bubble's fund is now at $1010! Please continue to spread the word.
Hi Everyone,
Donations have stopped cold. Please, please spread the word. Bubbles needs this surgery. Her skin can't take much more of the endless drain. While I keep her as clean as possible, the endless rinsing and/or bathing in the area takes a toll as well.
Great news! Another rescuer knew a vet who is friendly to rescue. Amazingly, he has done ectopic ureter surgery, which is a specialty and it is very hard to find vets who can do it.
The price is guesstimated to be under $900, with any pre-surgical tests (urinalysis and/or more bloodwork) done at my vet instead of at the surgery office.
That means, there is $110 too much in the "till" right now. How do I refund this? It would be divided among 34 people--help! Suggestions needed.
The surgery is scheduled for Feb 10!
thank you all so much! The odds of finding a general practice vet who can do this surgery, is rescue-friendly, and not any further away is mind-blowing. There would be cheers if I weren't so exhausted......:-)
PS Any donations which have been mailed to the vet's office will be returned. They had only received one check as of this afternoon, but said that several people had said they would be sending in checks.

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