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When Tessa was small, she never barked. She whimpered and did funny Chewbacka sounds when playing (as she still does) but it wasn't until she got to be about a year that she found her stellar barking skills!

She is great indoors, usually... unless someone comes past our apartment door. During the day, our neighbours have said both our dogs are very quiet. Otherwise it's usually outside, on a walk. It's like she's sounding the alarm, "Hello all, I'm here! On a walk! Look at me! I am might hear me roar!" I try to correct her with a jerk on the leash. She seems to respond quite well. She isn't barking the whole time on a walk either. It's not terrible but it gets frustrating, when other dogs are just being nice and she's barking at them. Ugh! She's super friendly when she's finally sniffing them.... I dunno what's going on in her head.

I am curious to know if anyone has some techniques I could try or if you have had a similar experience(s) with your Dood. It seems as if she's on high alert, trying to warn me of all the other people/dogs out there.

We have a bark collar, which we don't use a lot, I don't believe in it.

Anyway thought I'd get a discussion going. Thanks!
Jenny and Tessadoodle :) aka The Mighty Roarer.

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I have a barker, too. Jack is very vocal. If someone is outside, if I am not paying attention to him, at squirrels or other dogs, I think he likes the sound of himself. I tried the water bottle squirt...he liked it. I tried the bark collar...I didn't like it. I tried ignoring him...he did it more. I finally had to get Alpha with him and he finally learned. It took awhile but you just have to keep with it and eventually they will get it. I don't think there is a instant solution except one I might not be comfortable with. Some training methods are not for me either. Some of it comes from becoming a teen, so to speak. They are spreading their wings and acting defiant. You just have to keep at it and every time use the same command and eventually they get it. When they stop and do what you want, not barking, give a reward. And it doesn't have to be a treat, it can be big hugs and kisses. They eventually get the idea of what you want. I use the words, "No Bark." Have your words for them and they will learn them, be consistent and teach with love. It's like a child to some extent, it take's time and patience and then one day you realize they get it.
Thank you for your replies! I'm glad I'm not alone. At least she isn't an obnoxious barker, 24/7. She is very good, majority of the time. Sigh* My little Doodle teenager! :)
Marco didn't make a single noise the first month or so after we adopted him. Then he decided our home was his home and he was going to protect it....everytime someone walked by, drove by, or God forbid knocked on the door he wouldn't stop barking.barking...barking...

He wouldn't listen to our voice commands to stop. We soon learned he absolutely hates to be spritzed with a water bottle. Although it hasn't worked for others it has been magic for us. Even outdoors we will first tell him "Stop" and if he doesn't obey we will spritz hin....he's so smart that we can even pick up the water bottle and as soon as he sees it he stops barking.
Jenny- We seem to have the same problem but mine is with my boy Sammy(1 1/2 yr.old mini schnauzer)-don't think it's confined to Doodles....I'm doing the same as far as correction-but we don't have a bark collar. The way you decribe, they could be twins in how and when they bark-maybe someone can help. Linda and Sammykins
Hi all... an update on Tessa's barking:
She is getting better! I try and correct her before she does it. I can read her body language and hear the grumbling in her throat. I say "hey" in a stern voice and tell her to sit. Especially when we're walking, I give a quick jerk on her leash with a "hey" and she snaps out of it. I keep walking forward and it keeps her brain moving forward (This works well with the squirrel fascination) I took a lot of the techniques offered online here they have absolutely worked in helping little Tess. She looks at me now when I correct her and nothing beats that eye contact :)

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