If you are feeding your dog one of these 7 foods, you are killing your dog.

Read your dog food labels – There are literally hundreds of brands and varieties of dog food.

Bad dog food = shortened life span for your companion.

Below is a listing of some of the inexpensive dog food brands, with the harmful, dangerous and unnecessary , highlighted in red.

This is not a complete listing of all the brands with harmful ingredients, just the more popular names. Unfortunately there are still too many out there.

Use this list as a guide on what bad dog food ingredients to avoid when buying commercial dog food.

If a specific brand of food is not listed here it does not mean it is bad or good food. You can find the complete ingredient listing and nutritional analysis on any of the dog food manufacturers websites. An ingredient list like the dog food on this page should always be ....


I am just using these foods as examples of what I consider unhealthy and dangerous. Any dog who is fed a consistent and regular diet of corn will be more prone to illnesses, allergies and a shorter life. 

DOGS ARE OBLIGATE CARNIVORES, following the long ancestral history as canids – All these examples have corn as the main ingredient. Use these foods as a comparative guide to see what you should not be feeding your dog.

READ MORE and SEE THE LIST: http://recipes4gourmetdogs.com/7worst


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